Created by Falodysci
Filmed by Quba Tuakli (instagram: @quba_t)
Artwork by Falodysci
Music by Falodysci

Falodysci is an eye opening creative duo. They use various artistic mediums such as Art, Music and Video to portray their some what rebellious views on the world.
They are comprised of 2 male models hailing from London. They create everything themselves (unless otherwise stated). “The aim of falodysci is to portray realness and truth whilst in the most beautiful way.”

Self entitled ‘Faloydsci’ this film is an introduction into the duo’s lifestyle. Falodysci display their creative talents through art, music and visuals. The film was captured during (LCM) London Collections Men’s AW15 season.

Instagram: @falodysci
Twitter: www.twitter.com/falodysci

Brands featured: Zara, Reebok, Topman, Next, River Island, Levis, Uni Qlo, Moshin Ali, Joy, Ada + Nik, ADYN, Bodybound.

Gold Rush

Created by Falodysci
Shot by Anthony Suadwa
All clothes by Mohsin Ali

Gold rush was a play on Mohsin Ali’s SS15 Collection and the Egyptians infatuation with Gold. This visual also features spoken word which touches on similarities between the egyptians and life today in terms of our infatuation with possessions and particularly ones of large monetary value.

Post-Production: ZigZag
Photos: Ray Fiasco (Asylum 33)
Music: Falodysci
Spoken Word: JayTheeKing