Aviya Wyse.

Can you tell us about your process and how you find your subjects?
I approach women, most of them unfamiliar to me, I see them .. on the street or the bus .. any were. I am magnetized to something about them. I have this incredible urge to photograph them. Then, I ask them if they would be willing to model for me, usually they agree. Next, I come over to their homes and the encounter begins.The complex photographer-model interaction takes lace, during which a revealing, intimate, challenging, intense and demanding relationship emerges. I seek to create iconic characters that will be ‘engraved’ in history as masterpieces of creation, in order to give them eternal validity, and eventually keep them with me in my “collection of body’s and souls”. The next encounter is one of reunion with my subject through the physical reaction of matter. I partially develop some frames, others are over-developed. The images mix in the developing liquid and new ones emerge. This produces a variety of expressions which provide me with the raw materials of my creation.

Can you tell us about your process and how you find your subjects?
In February this year yaeli ( my partner + best friend ) and I had our first exhibition in London, in the Neu Gallery. We worked on it with Charlotte Jansen – no way art label. It was one of the most exciting periods we both have had. It was amazing to work with Charlotte Johanna and Pipa! (which made our catalogue of the exhibition) I have also started to teach this year analogue printing in the dark room in the university which I studied at, so it has been very challenging for me to be a teacher just a couple of months after graduating .

What interests you about the female body and how do you feel it has been represented in the fashion industry?
The female body… for me it is a fascination with us humans , as a skin we have been given to represent our souls. We thing we have this control on the only thing we can really call our own, but we don’t. None of us have chosen ourselves. As for the fact I only focus on women (for now )… I think it has got to do with my mothers death. This endless urge of collecting, needing, constantly searching and missing something that in the end is represented by material… material that is main. I have mixed feeling about the representation of women in the industry. I myself don’t know what is the most respectful and modest way for me to represent the female body. I feel we have gone over boundaries, selling flesh and not the clothes. I hope to find my way in the fashion industry which I can protect them and respect them.

Where would you like your career to go?
Career – I wish to carry on working hard with myself and my partner Yaeli!!!! Whatever god has planned for me – Im up for it !! :)

Where would you like your career to go?
I admire so many… but in photography – Diane Arbus has always been my love!