Josh Lowe Q&A.

Tell us about you?
Originally from the Heartlands of Birmingham I have lived and worked north and south to eventually reside here in Hackney. I am a part time skateboarder, rapsprayer, disk jockey and beans on toast enthusiast. Full time graphic designer, illustrator, image maker and pub goer.

What made you want to get involved with Off Black Magazine?
I like your style, naughty, sexy, edgy and very London.

Where do you look to for inspiration when starting a new project?
It totally depends on what type of project, I spend a lot of time putting graphic orientation boards together for clients to sell in concepts and as a result I get to see a lot of good stuff on a daily basis. The want to do something usually means you have seen something that has inspired you to act upon it. When doing self initiated work it’s so important to be original. So what ever I’m working on I try to approach it in my own way. As it happens I rely on happy accidents a lot. For instance I was working with duality of images combining portraits and landscapes for a look book at work. I accidentally used the gradient tool and and huge fuzzy glow was protruding from behind this silhouette and there we have it. The inspiration for the images you are looking at right now. Another example is I recently moved flat and was using poor internet. Whilst attempting to stream a film my computer produced some of the most interesting distortion I have ever seen. So sack the movie off I spent the whole time taking screen shots. That the inspiration for my next project.

What sort of work gives you the greatest satisfaction?
I dabble with many different mediums. Sometimes taking orders and amends can become tedious and frustrating. Doing something totally different and spontaneous and perhaps even with friends can give you great satisfaction. Keeping it fun, cheeky and sometimes a little sexy keeps me excited. But also after working on a huge project and seeing it out there can be quite rewarding.

Whats your favourite part of the body?
This week I have mainly been liking bums… At least I was honest :-p