Our House

Our House

Photography by Adam Goodison
Fashion by Grace Joel


our-house-1” height=Latex: Helen Lawrence
Dress: Anne Sofie Madsen

our-house-2” height= Dress: Anne Sofie Madsen
Shoes: Simone Rocha

our-house-3Left, Rosa Wears
Dress: Antopodium
Right, Lucie wears
Dress: Simone Rocha
Shoes: Simone Rocha

our-house-4” height=Shirt: J.H. Zane
Trousers: Eudon Choi

our-house-5” height=Hat: Emporium
Dress and Shirt: Back by Anne Sofie Back
Clogs: Helen Lawrence

our-house-6” height=Blouse: Avoc

our-house-7” height=Sweater: Allude
Bib: Totem

our-house-8” height=Latex knit sweaters and shorts: Helen Lawrence

Set Design by: Stephanie Kevers
Hair: Anna Cofone using Cloud9 and Oribe
Make up: Nicola Moores Brittin
Models: Lucie Grace at Select, Rosa at Select
Casting: Rebecca Knox
Styling Assistant: Emily Halliday
Photography Assistant: Jack Somerset
Set Assistants: Bwalya Abigail and Harriet Goddard