Jesse Draxler

Who are you, where are you and what do you do? 
Jesse Draxler – currently in MPLS – see below.

Please tell us about your work in your own words…
A multidisciplinary stream of consciousness. The darkest dark thats ever been dark and its not even that dark. Visual sarcasm in response to actual absurdity.

Why collage?
I’ve come to dislike the term collage. Appropriation – that’s more suitable. Appropriation because of the immediacy, both in the creation of work using appropriated imagery as well as in the viewing. Many times it almost feels like a criminal act, which I think it intriguing. Theft, vandalism, etc. Crime as art, intent as crime. But I mean, there’s so much imagery out there – it’s hard to imagine something there isn’t already an existing image of, so it only makes sense to pull from the pool that is already exists and then modify it until it is doing whatever it is I intend it to do.

Was there a particular artist, image, or moment that inspired you to get into collage/mixed media art?
As far as art practice yes – not some much in content, but the artists that inspire me have changed and come in and out of fashion depending on my mood swings. When I first started out I was very into DIY punk flyers ‘n shit like that. In college I was really into design – Bauhaus in particular – minimalism, etc. Baldessari made me see how impactful small gestures can be. Minimal exertion for maximum results is just sound logic as far as I’m concerned. Richard Prince taught me you can do whatever the fuck you want to do.

Describe your ideal work day? 
Wake up early. Drink coffee. Smoke grass. Turn up music. Make everything. Repeat steps 2-4 until bed.

What is your method… By hand, digital or both? 
They both have their place in my process. The computer is just another tool. (I used both in the series I created for OFF BLACK).

Cliche, I know, but what inspires you?  
There is nearly infinite amount of things I want to make and sometimes life seems short. I gotta spend as much time making the things I want to make before I’m fucking gone. Working in my studio has become my nature. The line between myself and my work is increasingly becoming blurred. I wake up and walk directly into my studio and begin working. I’m inspired just by the idea of getting to create more.