Conversation with Raquel.

Raquel Franco is the ´Alma Mater´ of the up and coming brand Body Editions. She is an incredibly inspiring woman who wants us to embrace what we are, how we feel and where we want to go….

Body Editions means, in its most literal sense… different types of bodies. It instantly conjures the varying shapes and figures of women worldwide. To me, it also captures the essence of their sensuality as well. Maybe because of the image of your brand, maybe because of the way your material bodies mould to a woman’s physical body and blends, enhances and defines to embrace most beautiful shape of the woman.

I want to know what it means to you?
It means exactly what have you felt it to mean. Body Editions enhance, and every woman to feel, and look their best by letting them be whatever they want to be.

It´s been a few years now, but I have seen you wearing a bodysuit almost every day since I met you. Did Raquel make the body, or did the body make Raquel?
I think Raquel made the body. I wanted to transform pre-existing wardrobe pieces.

Your designs are made to be a wardrobe foundation. And I really like this idea. Apart from your Body Editions bodysuit, what is your foundation?
My foundation is ‘comfort,’ but simultaneously ‘looking crisp in any situation of the day’. As you would say… the clean look! I have few other foundation pieces such a Blazer, high waisted cigarette pants, flare pants, culottes, wrap skirt, Classic BBs from Manolo Blahnik, and silk shirts….
My love of Silk shirts inspired the Body Shirt, a looser addition to our collection, which lets you enjoy the silk feeling without that untacking, uncomfortable feeling of your shirt coming out of your trousers. Retaining the polished look.

Is self-confidence the best outfit for you?
YES, but an outfit can boost your confidence, as well. They work hand in hand.

Who the woman that embraces Body Editions? I have an idea… but I want you to tell me.
I think she’s an inspiring woman, contemporary and modern. She deals with the challenges of being a woman every day with ease.

Who has been an inspiration for you and your brand? It can be anything…
I think the main inspiration for myself were my friends: strong and gentle women that take on life with a smile. Adventurous, fearless and fun.

I´ve seen the evolution of Body Editions since it was born, throughout its highs and lows. It was like a child for you (and like a niece for me!) From my point of view, I feel very proud and incredibly happy with the results, especially all the achievements you have made.

What is your feeling right now?
Sweet my dear Espe! My feeling right now is of pure happiness, mixed with excitement for potential of the future. We must keep developing the brand.

Who would you like to see wearing your designs?

When will be the day that you can say…Right, I have made it. I am ready to stop now´.
I think I will always be developing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop…but always looking into the positive side of the journey with the challenges and successes. :)

What is next for Raquel Franco?
Next, is taking the brand into the next level, growing my team and then developing new projects. First step will be stocking at Net-a-Porter this upcoming fall. So exciting. I would also want to expand my Creative Consulting, I think I could bring my vision and positivity to shaping other brands too….