Stand up for paradise.

Who are you?
My artist name is STANDUPFORPARADISE (website coming soon). I’m 29 years old, I’m a French freelance illustrator. I’m also clothing designer. I live in a small town near Paris. I’m a self-taught artist, I don’t do art school. I created my Instagram a few months ago. I decided to make my talent a career. The most important for me is the creation and freedom of expression. I do psychology studies, I stopped to devote myself to my life as an artist. I have big ambitions, later I would like to create my own brand of clothing in collaboration with my best friend. I have a lot of imagination, I’m passionate about what I do. I like to create quickly and with great precision. I can work for album art, cover of magazines, books… I also create patterns for clothing and accessories. I had the big opportunity to create the patterns of two jackets for the Hardware London brand (brand of Jessica Horwell, designer, founder and director of LDN). It’s an amazing brand. It was an incredible collaboration. These jackets will be sold soon.

Tell us about your illustrations?
I currently have more than 300 illustrations. I can create five in the same day. I also like to create in the night. This depends of my inspiration of the moment. I’m fascinated by the human body, static or in motion, and by the psyche. I like human anatomy and the body lines. I think that every gesture expresses the personality of a person, his way of feeling things. Emotions are something very important in each of my illustrations. The intensity of the eyes also. I would like to ensure that my illustrations express about something deep and poignant. The imagination is something really developed in me. I like the idea to be able to speak in a totally freedom and give to others something beautiful, great and affecting.

Why skulls/skeletons?
I have always been very curious of the human body and his perfection. Our skin, our flesh, hide the same frame. Human appearance is only a body wrap, what is important is our way of feeling things and express them physically. This betrays our own secrets, and our dark side. Sometimes our torments. True happiness also, our big emotions. When I draw a skeleton, his posture, his hands, his eyes express something. For some people, it is sometimes difficult to rebel or to hide his despair. My illustrations are always deep people, driven by anger, rebellion, frustration, strength of character and even sensitivity. My illustrations of skeletons talk about these people, show the beauty hiding behind it. I also like the idea of this contrast between the light and the dark side.

What inspires you?
I love watching that offers us the nature: the sky, the trees, the form leaves, the elements that make up the Earth or sand, the motion of the water. This is very poetic. My artwork is inspired much of all this poetry, this sweetness. This mixes by the strength of the bark of a tree, his side abraded, dry, colors and dark shades. Some looks inspire me much. For example, I have a book with black and white pictures of Steve mcqueen, illustrated by photographer William Claxton. I’m very affected by this actor. Rock’n’roll music is also a great source of inspiration. I’m a big fan of Elvis Presley and Nirvana. I also like music doo-wop from the 1950s (frankie lymon, little Willie John…). Rock’n’roll is a state of mind, a way of thinking, a way of life and not just music. And then the fantastic world of Tim Burton.

What do you find interesting about the body?
The human body is a great beauty, I think it is a reflection of what is really a person. What is interesting is what makes a person from his body, his way to hide, to suffer or to protect it. Taking care of his body is a love and a self-respect.

What are your feelings on body image on the media?
The body is overexposed in the media. It belongs to a pre-designed standard. I find this dangerous idea. Self-esteem can refer to the cult of slimming. The beauty is much more subtle, just know to look. I have a free and independent spirit, I love getting my own idea of what is beautiful and what is not.