Photography by Johanna Nyholm


twisted-1” height=Fur vests: Whyred

twisted-2” height=Jacket and shorts: HAAL
Shoes: Acne Studios

twisted-3” height=Dress: HAAL
Leather jacket: Acne Studios
Faux fur: Landeros

twisted-4” height=Aviator sunglasses: HAAL
Vintage faux fur: Beyond Retro
Shorts: HAAL
Bag: Dior
Thigh high boots: Carin Wester

twisted-5” height=Scarf and knitted sweater: Back
Dress: Nhu Dhuong

twisted-6” height=Sweater with print: Whyred
Trousers: Missoni

twisted-7” height=Thigh high boots: Carin Wester
Underwear: Calvin Klein
Leather jacket: Acne Studios
Faux fur: Landeros
Latex bomber: Nhu Dhuong
Aviator glasses: HAAL

twisted-8” height=Snake printed shirt: Balmain
Dress: Missoni
Leather vest (worn as skirt): Acne Studios
Faux fur: Landeros

Stylist: Josef Forselius
Make-up: Josefina Zarmén
Hair: Karolina Danielson
Model: Nora/Mikas