Zen Sevastyanova Q&A.

Who are you?
A woman, dreamer, thinker, observer, artist, nature child, traveler, extravert, introvert, lover.

Where are you from?
Siberia, Russia.

Please tell us about your art work in your own words.
I call it my subconscious symbolism, limitless play with imagination where ugly and beautiful intertwine together, its a separate world where everything is suspended and what seems dark is often not dark at all just different, unknown… Why women? Because they are beautiful, mystical, fairy tale like creatures.

What inspires you about the body form?
Its uniqueness to every person, the story that every curve and wrinkle tells, how if you drop judgment everyone’s’ body is infinitely beautiful, our attachment to it, our obsession with it, how it awakes desire or disgust, how its capable of change.

Do you have a favourite part of the body to draw?
Eyes, breast, waistline, legs.