MANIFESTO for the FUTURE by Jacob Mallinson Bird

MANIFESTO for the FUTURE by Jacob Mallinson Bird.

I’m not convinced that talking about the future is hugely beneficial. We’ve seen in this past week (9/11/2016) alone that grand narratives for a better future can often leave people feeling disenfranchised, allowing someone who seemingly offers instant answers to take the presidency over someone much more qualified for the job. Rather than making dreams of the future, we should critically engage with the present: look at the intersections race, gender, sexuality, and class have on socioeconomics; question how the right can be radicalised, and what disempowerment they are feeling that leads to this; stop brandishing people as 'stupid' just because they have different opinions (to nullify someone as 'stupid' is not only reductive and offensive, but, as we have seen, incredibly damaging); and to get out of our social media echo chambers and understand the issues in the world today. We have to listen, talk, and get active if we have any hope of manifesting a future we can all be proud of.